Hi. I'm Florian Klinglmueller.

I am a Statistician working at the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety AGES at the Institute for Assessment and Analytics. I also teach courses on medical statistics at the Medical University of Vienna and the University of Vienna.

This page is largely out of date. Efforts to update the content are currently ongoing ;-).

Research and Teaching

My research interests are adaptive designs and multiple testing. I publish in peer reviewed journals and present at scientific conferences. I do statistical consulting for clinical research projects with a focus on the analysis of high dimensional OMICS data. I teach within the medical curriculum and the human resources development program of the Medical University of Vienna.


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Recent projects

Statistical analysis of recent COVID-19 data

My analyses of COVID-19 data. Please not that these reflect my personal opinion. My remarks do not necessarily reflect the official view of AGES, BASG, EMA, or any associated working party or committee.


Our R-package that implements a wide variety of fixed sample and adaptive graph-based multiple testing procedures.


My R-package that can be used to analyse titration based transcriptomics experiments using permutation tests against order restricted alternatives.

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